Welcome to my MTB blog

Welcome to my MTB blog …..

I have always been a keen sportsman and I loved cycling from an early age (high-school and even after school – road and some triathlon then) but gave it all up for the better part of 20 years. Around 2014/15 I bought a Mountain Bike from a client and started riding. Influenced and motivated by some of my friends at the time, I started riding with a club situated in The Cradle on Saturdays. I couldn’t always ride with my friends as they were all much fitter and faster than me riding marathon distances on weekends and training for races such as the ABSA Cape Epic at the time …. while I was struggling to keep up with the club guys for a 30km out-ride.

The club I joined allowed me to gradually get fitter, fasted & stronger until I could manage shorter rides with my friends and some longer ones on weekends …. as well as making lots of new friends along the way … as it happens. As the bug bit harder I started the odd mid-week ride and longer weekend rides …. now, I try to get 3 to 5 rides in per week of between 35km to 80km per ride and clocking +/- 250 to 300km in a good week. Being as Estate Agent gives me the flexibility to ride early in the morning. It still takes some planning so I can hit the road running around 9.30 to 10 am with admin and appointments, sometimes going through to 8pm at night.

The areas where we do most of our riding (Westrand, The Cradle, Krugersdorp, Lanseria, Avianto, Cradle Moon, Hobbypark etc) is also quite rough so my technical skills improved dramatically since I started riding more often. Every ride is an experience and I am continuously learning so much from all my riding buddies as well as rides and races that I have done that I feel like sharing some of the knowledge and experience …. enter my MTB blog!

So, the idea with this blog is to try to assist beginners with tips, tricks and basic info to make their ride more enjoyable. I am not the most experienced rider at all but as a first-time mountain biker there are some basics that you need to know to make sure you enjoy the sport. I also intend giving some reviews on bike parts and gear that I use, places where I buy from, products and services, MTB parks in the area and also races that I have entered & completed. The more you ride, the more you learn ….. oh, and I love taking pictures while I ride. Looking back on some of the pictures of rides we have done is quite motivational and gratifying …..

I would say I am a “budget” rider …. I love working on my bike, shopping around for good deals and replacing parts as they need to be replaced, doing minor services and repairs myself where I can. I don’t believe that you need the most expensive bike with the latest set-up and technology to enjoy this sport but there are some basics that you can’ do without.

This is only the start …. I hope that in time you will find my blog helpful and informative ….. if you are just starting out in the sport, keep riding, you will get better ….. enjoy!

Marnus Steyn



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